Upcoming Blogs - Series of 8 Blogs On Mothering

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Me with my Mother and my Daughter
Spring Greetings!

Spring brings us many gifts: green grass, warmer temperatures, singing birds, and blooming flowers. It just brought us Easter, and soon we will have Mother’s Day.

As we have been marketing Disentangle, we have been looking at its many applications. One of those applications is to parenting, and even more specifically, the material in Disentangle can be applied to mothering.

In preparation for an article for Mother’s Day, my publicist asked me to answer some questions about how mothering can involve entanglements and what we as mothers can do to have our own self as we simultaneously help our child develop and then have their own self.

In my usual way, I wrote way more than she needed for the article we ultimately created. I liked the questions she had given me to answer, and I liked the answers I wrote. So I have decided to offer all that I wrote on mothering and entanglements in a series of blogs entitled On Mothering.

This blog is the announcement of this series On Mothering. There will be eight parts in this series which will run every day or so here on my website until Mothers’ Day on May 8th.

The series intends to help us mothers see how to have both healthy children and a healthy self. This can be a challenge and involve an on-going balancing act, but my experience is that it is so worth the effort for all concerned.


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