New and Improving! Yes, I am working on new and improving me, and often I am progressing well. I hope that is true for you, too.

Today this New and Improving is also referring to my website. It is quite new and improving thanks to the crafty, talented work of my daughter, Grace, who Monty and I just visited in Chicago.

So what's new?

Under Events and Workshops you will find a tab for Archived Events which now contains my NAADAC Webinar in May, 2016, a 2-hour presentation I did for the Farley Center in Williamsburg, VA in April, 2016, and a radio interview done in Richmond, VA in 2008 as Disentangle was evolving.

Then you will see a tab for Upcoming Events. I will be listing my workshops, presentations, and Codependence Camp there. When you open up the date, click on the event title for more information about that event. And that calendar is linked to Google calendar, so if you use Google calendar, you can easily add it to your calendar.

Additionally, I am loading 50+ more blogs under the Blog tab. These blogs date back to 2011 when Central Recovery Press first published Disentangle. I am so excited to have all of my blogging here in one place. The posting of these additional blogs is underway, so keep checking back for more.

I will keep you updated as we add a few more things to this website which is increasingly rich in content from my work. So if you can't come to Virginia to be in a workshop or Camp, you can get much of my material here in my on-line center.

I am an older dog learning new tricks, and I can honestly say I am very pleased with how this is all electronically coming together. This process invites me to study what I have done and said, learn more as I go, and happily offer it to you.