Wild flowers arrive.
My healing room is complete.
All I need is here.
On June 13, 2016 I had total right hip replacement. I had been needing this surgery for a good while. The osteoarthritis in that hip had become "severe" and my physical mobility was tiny.

Now on the healing side of things, I am understanding how much my emotional mobility and health was also affected by that condition, how limited and low my emotional state was. People are telling me how good I look. In talking about that, we are determining that yes, I am more rested now, but also they are clear with me that they saw my stress and unhappiness from my pain and restricted condition.

This is such a living testimony to the importance of remembering that our total health is a product of our physical, emotional, thinking, and spiritual parts.

As my healing progressed, haiku often came to me, capturing these various aspects of my self as I went through my surgery and recovery:

I watch people walk.
Embarrassed by my envy,
I am a cripple.

I have arrived at
Planet Anesthesia.
Letting go. Take off. 

"I feel discouraged."
The nurse smiles at me and says,
"It's just 9am."

He gets me up and
to the bathroom. Benefits
of years together.

 She sleeps on my chest,
her purr radiating down
in my healing bones.

 What is it with shame?
It irrationally keeps 
us from care we need.

 Each day is so still.
Stopping completely brings it
into awareness.

Freed from the walker,
the cane and I proceed on
down the road to strength.

I just want to walk.
I want to walk to the sea
like Mr Gandhi.

 It is a balance
of trust, patience, and action:

healing essentials.