Being Grounded

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Okay, so yes, only an hour or so has gone by since I wrote the previous blog, and I have been blessed with more to say today. You see, I believe that my quieting my self and going to my internal places, which I just wrote about in the previous blog, moves me to more within me. To move to more is not my intention in quieting my self. It is just that as I quiet my self and connect with me, rich internal things can be accessed and/or may come forth.

It is a beautiful Spring afternoon here with temperatures in the 70’s. My husband and I just took our dogs out on a walk to soak up sun and explore what’s growing. While out, I spontaneously said to him, “It is good I was grounded today.”

“In what way do you mean that?” he asked.

“Well, I meant it in that I was grounded today by Grace’s car breaking down the other day and her having to use my car to go to work today. By her having my car, I’ve had to cancel a couple of things I had on my schedule for today, and so I feel like I have been grounded.”

I said this in the spirit of a teenager who has had their plans canceled by their parents due to something that has happened. In the same way that the teen is likely to have been upset by their change of plans, so was I as my day started and I knew I could not do what I wanted to do.

And yet as the day has passed and I have quieted and settled, my being grounded has turned into me feeling grounded. What a blessing to have had things taken off of my to-do list for the day, leaving me with more time and space for my self.

It is a shame that it takes a car breaking down to clear my schedule and my life enough to deepen my personal grounding.

I want to learn to ground my self more often.


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