Internal Places

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Blogging remains a very new thing to me. I often don’t have time to blog. I am not sure what to blog about. I don’t know if anyone is reading my blogs.

So today I have time to blog and am finding my way to what to say. I am moving my self away from all those external questions about what to say, how to say it, and how will people respond. I am using this time to quiet my self and listen to what my true self may have to say today, here and now.

I am grateful to have time today for my self. I have been very busy these last couple of weeks with events and radio interviews to help Disentangle find its way in the world. I have moved from one thing to another with little time in between to let things settle and find their places in my being. I don’t do real well with this state-of-affairs after a while. I need space within to process and to just let things be.

So in this moment that is what I can do: Let things be. Following my natural breath, I can quiet and calm my thoughts that want to rush into this next week, feelings that want to drag me back to the past or to the future. Over and over I encounter these pushes and pulls, and over and over I come back to my breath and my very present moment sensations to stay connected with me.

This connection with me is what keeps me out of entanglements. This connection with me gives me ground under my feet and an internal spaciousness that helps me to have an open mind and heart.

I am glad I know how to find my way to this place of mine.


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