The Things I Need Most

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Haiku are an active current writing form for me. I am blessed with a number of them coming to me here-and-there. I have mentioned this in my blog before.

I have decided to at least once-a-week post one or two haiku for you. In the same way that Instagram gives us an complete picture of a moment in time, haiku can do the same. So this is my version of an Instagram accounting.

Each haiku I choose to post will hopefully be free-standing and not need my further comments. I am selecting them, because they convey important pieces of my recovery, important ways for me to think, feel, sense, and experience the world, important messages that create a foundation for my healthy self - ever in my consideration.

Amazon does not
sell the things that I need most:
time and space for self.
I like the way I
experience the world with
presence not device.


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