Why Disentangle?

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To be short and to the point, I disentangle to gain serenity.

            As I say in Disentangle:

There’s nothing more important to me than my serenity. That's what motivates me the most to disentangle. I've learned that the serenity I lose in trying to make my point or have things my way is not worth it. I have come to know what serenity feels like, and that's what I want for me.

Yes, over and over as I get tangled in a conversation or relationship, I remind myself that I hate to feel the way I feel when I am entangled and that more peace and serenity can be mine if I simply listen to my self, assert my self, and then let go of what I am not able to control.

To be clear, this disentangling is not referring to situations in which abuse or danger is present. Those situations require clear and direct actions on our part. None of the material in Disentangle is about how to live in abusive or harmful situations.

The material in Disentangle is for helping us to find serenity as we live in and deal with a multitude of interactions with family, friends, co-workers, bosses, and business relationships in which we are caught by trying to get others to say, do, or be different that what they are, by waiting for someone else to do something, by trying to fix them, or by wishing they would see our point and agree with us.

As I emotionally step back from such interactions, I can see and think and express and set my boundaries and let go.  Serenity then becomes possible and even likely.


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